For Everything That Matters, Carry On

SecondJourneyLogo250x217“I think I shall always remember this black period with a kind of joy, with a pride and faith and deep affection that I could not at the time have believed possible, for it was during this time that somehow I survived the defeat and lived my life through to a first completion, and through the struggle, suffering, and labor of my own life came to share some of those qualities in the lives of people all around me.” ~ Thomas Wolfe

I don’t analyze moments of grace. Just recognize ’em. In times of turmoil, they lift me like the rising sun over sultry skies. Grace enters in beautifully, carefully, and gives hope. Always hope.

These are missionary moments, full of divine intent. Like the time God sent a courier-with-skin-on to pluck me from the sewer of depression. That He pierced my heart and hung me out to dry is not mixing only metaphor, but love and mercy. The memory swells unforgettably.

Like today.

Dusting my bookshelf, a certain book hit the floor. Not just any book. But a very gift from years ago – before my 42nd birthday.  Today I bent low to swoop up frayed, underlined pages. I re-read the handwritten inscription inside and burst into tears.

These words may not hit you the same way. But trust me when I say that re-discovering this note 18 years later is like yesterday’s sorrow kissing today’s wounds:

Dear Vicki,

The great traveled that way.  David wandered there sometimes, his voiceless harp under his arm, all the strings hanging broken and mute.

Jeremiah was there, and the stones of the way were flooded with his tears.

Mighty Elijah spent time in the shadowy vale in full retreat from an angry woman.

Luther was down that dark road at least once, led back by a woman to sunshine again.

It is characteristic of the God-intoxicated, the dreamers, the mystics of the Kingdom.

You are not on a side road or a back road or on a dead-end.  You are on the main road.

For everything that matters, carry on.

For everything that matters, carry on.

Written words can come back to haunt you in a beautiful, much-needed way.  I just want you to know that, whatever you’re facing today, you’re not on a side road or a back road or a forgotten road. All our detours have been factored in.

Think of it this way. We’re on the main road as crazy as it sometimes feels.
For all that matters, le’s carry on.

Your sister sojourner,